Lobster season ends In Baja California

Lobster season ends in Baja

With ups and downs lobster catching season ended In Baja California

February 15, lobster catching season concluded in Zone 1 of the Baja California peninsula, which extends from the U.S. border to the vicinity of Puerto Nuevo, approximately 50 kilometers south of Bahia Tortugas.

Lobster catching is staggered in three zones: zone 1, which begins on September 15 in the aforementioned region; zone 2, which begins on October 1 and ends on February 28 from Bahía Asunción to San Juanico; and zone 3, which covers Bahía Magdalena to Todos Santos, where the lobster harvest ends on May 16.

With the withdrawal of this certification, the cooperatives had to sell their product to intermediaries at a substantially lower price than when they exported on their own; for a few weeks, the price dropped by as much as 50%, from US$70 to US$35 per kilo.

Why The Price Of Lobster Fell By 25 Dollars?

It was not possible to recover the certification of the Ensenada plant, despite the efforts of the federal government, which took this matter to the highest level; in the end, half of the season was practically lost.

With information from El Sudcaliforniano.



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