Monkeypox in La Paz; Second Case Reported in Baja California Sur

Smallpox in La Paz, second case reported

The first case was in Los Cabos, now the second confirmed case of simian smallpox has arrived in La Paz, according to the head of the Secretariat of Health in the state.

The first case was a 24-year-old citizen who had contact with a foreigner diagnosed as positive and by the end of August 2022 was discharged.

“Today the information is that we have a second confirmed case of simian smallpox reported in the municipality of La Paz,” authorities inform.

They said that the symptoms begin with general malaise, intense headache, fever and 2 to 5 days later the lesions appear on the skin, including the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

They also announced that as of November 14, 3,145 cases have been confirmed and 4 deaths have occurred throughout Mexico.



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