The price of lobster for export fell by 25 dollars

The price of lobster for export in BCS fell by 25 dollars; losses estimated at 2,000 million pesos

This season lobster exporting prices fell by $25 us dollars in Mexico

After impositions of the Chinese Government to cancel plants that process live lobster to Mexico, the price of the product fell 25 dollars per kilo, fishermans already extracted 50% of the marine animal; informed the Secretary of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Agricultural Development.

“Unfortunately the price fell in some period of the catch by 50%, now it is at 40 dollars, when its real value should be 65 dollars per kilo, it is a millionaire loss for the North Pacific sector and the cooperative also from the state of Baja California. The loss will amount to about 2,000 million pesos…” he said.

The above, announcing that the lobster catch was reactivated despite the trade problem imposed by China to Mexico, who canceled certifications to plants that process the live animal: “That is a unilateral issue, because we do not have a trade agreement with China, they decided on their own to cancel these plants for non-compliance with safety factors, but there is no technical or scientific support for that decision,” he said.

“The season closes in May 2022, we believe that, if in the next 15 days we can achieve certification (sic), if it is not achieved it will be a greater economic loss to those 1,500 families and the 600 families working in the processing plants, because we can not stop the catch,” he said.

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