Where to buy pyrotechnics? 7 Stores were approved

where to buy pyrotechnics in los cabos? 7 stores were approved

Authorities of Fiscal Inspection assure that there are 7 semi-fixed fireworks stands in Los Cabos that have permits and safety measures in place.

At the moment there are 7 semi-fixed stalls that have permits for the sale of fireworks, to whom collaborators of the Coordination of Fiscal Inspection in Cabo San Lucas, conduct tours.

The purpose of the visits by the inspectors is to make sure that the businesses have the safety measures required in the handling of gunpowder, informed the head of the area, Manuel Guerrero Cruz.

“The people in charge of the stalls were asked to have all the safety measures for the handling of gunpowder, such as sandboxes, water, fire extinguishers and the corresponding precautions,” he said.

The permits required for a business of this type to be legal are granted by the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), said the Coordinator, who works hand in hand, he said, with Civil Protection.

Finally, the public servant emphasized to the citizens that, in case of buying fireworks, they should be used responsibly and purchased in the stalls that have the corresponding permits.

With information from BCS Noticias.



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