Local Police made more than 10,000 arrests this year

Local Police made more than 10,000 arrests this year
  • Conflicts with neighbors and drunk driving are the main causes for which people were arrested in Los Cabos.

Los Cabos, Mexico. Local autorithies mentioned that so far in 2022 about 10,000 people were referred to the police stations for breaking the law; most of them for conflicts with neighbors and drunk driving.

“I think we are reaching 10,000 arrests, or more, of people who have been taken to the police stations for various offenses to the cops and public administration…” he said to Cabo Mil.

“Another thing we ask the citizens to do is to respect the issue of noise, to be very careful, to respect their neighbors, to have communication with them so conflicts will not be generated… some are listening loud music, at dawn […] we must respect each other as citizens, it is true that these are very happy days, but I think that if we do it with due respect, things will go better,” he said.

Ingesting narcotics and driving while intoxicated, as well as causing a nuisance, are the main situations for which people are brought to the stations a situation that, according to the Judge Diaz, could be different in 2023.



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