Teachers Receive 125,000 Pesos In Bonuses


The Mayor of Los Cabos, Óscar Leggs Castro, presented 25 awards and more than 125 thousand pesos in bonuses, in appreciation of the dedication and work of teachers who for more than 25 years dedicated their lives to education.

“To remember them is not to let them die; may their families keep in mind that the Los Cabos City Hall recognizes those who gave their lives for education,” said the mayor.

“Today we are gathered here to procure social justice for our colleagues who dedicated their lives, their talent, their capacity and their effort to educate the present generations; with great joy, recognition and above all gratitude, today we deliver more than 125 thousand pesos, which is nothing more than a thank you for their noble work on behalf of all the people of El Cabeño,” he said.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that after the awards ceremony, a bonus of 5 thousand pesos was distributed in recognition of each retired teacher in the municipality.

With information from El Informante bcs.



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