MULEGE Will produce Green Hydrogen In Solar Plant

MULEGE Will produce Green Hydrogen In Solar Plant

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is already implementing a pilot project for the production of green hydrogen, which could meet the goal of reaching 1.31% of installed capacity addition from this energy source.

The project could be carried out at a photovoltaic plant, also owned by the CFE, located in the municipality of Mulegé, in northern Baja California Sur (BCS).

The power plant inaugurated in 2016 has 468 solar panels and a capacity to generate about 342 kilowaatts per hour.

Juan Manuel Hornelas, head of the CFE’s Energy Efficiency Department, said that the state-owned company is working on a pilot project to produce green hydrogen.

For his part, the president of the Mexican Hydrogen Association (AMH), Israel Hurtado explained that hydrogen production would therefore be very small, but the important thing is that Mexico begins to turn to this new technology.

The National Electricity System Development Program (Prodesen) 2020-2024 proposes that in the 2025-2034 period, 1.31% of the total installed capacity to be added should correspond to green hydrogen.

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