Mathematics Olympiad: First And Second Place BCS Youngs

Mathematics Olympiad: First And Second Place BCS Youngs

Students María Inés Núñez Villazana, elementary school student, and Alonso Baeza Quevedo, high school student, put the name of Baja California Sur (BCS) on the top by winning first and second place, respectively, in the XV edition of the National Mathematics Olympiad “Joseph Louis Lagrange”.

The final of the national competition was held in the municipality of Ocoyoacac, State of Mexico, on January 30 of this year, with the participation of students from public and private schools at the elementary and high school levels.

The Southcalifornian Council of Science and Technology (Coscyt), part of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), reports that this contest was held to encourage creativity and the ability of children and young people to face a new situation and solve unforeseen problems.

With information from El Informante BCS.



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