Enjoy the movie La Reina Calafia

Enjoy the movie La Reina Calafia

There will be two performances at the BCS Museum of Art, admission is free.

Actress, screenwriter and director, Ursula Tania Mansur, will present her film La Reina Calafia at the Film Festival in the city of La Paz, on Saturday, November 27, 2021.

It will be exhibited at the Museo de Arte de Baja California Sur, will have two free admission performances, one at 12 noon, and the other starting at 1:30 pm. The scriptwriter published in 2018 the book: La Reina Calafia y el origen de la palabra California, year in which she received recognition from SECULTA and CECUT for 30 years of dedication to school audiences.

The film includes four short films of historical legends of the peninsula aimed at children, highlighting the legend of Queen Calafia, which talks about the origin of the word “california”.

The Leyenda film director commented: “I had the intention of creating these short films so that children viewers could learn about the different eras that the legend of Queen Calafia addresses, on the one hand, the Middle Ages where this story originates in a novel from the late fifteenth century, Las Sergas de Esplandián, of which I made a study and a summary so that anyone who wanted to know its content could read it in a modern language, in my book La Reina Calafia y el origen de la palabra California” (Queen Calafia and the origin of the word California).

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