Christmas concert “Romance” in La Paz

Christmas concert "Romance" in La Paz

This December 25, 2021, the citizens of La Paz were able to witness a high level concert, where the musical ensemble “Romance” under the direction of conductor Omar Ramirez Hernandez, presented their “annual Christmas concert”, taking care of the health protocols and having as venue the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de La Paz.

In an interview with El Sudcaliforniano, Ramirez Hernandez said that preparing, organizing, assembling and rehearsing took months of hard work, where they were practicing voices and instruments for the expected day, “this concert is for the people who are here and for those who have already left us,” he said as he took the stage.

The ensemble of voices interacted with the audience by singing a melody in unison and delighted them with Christmas songs such as “shepherds come”, “gloria in excelsis”, “Adestes fideles”, “night of peace” and “Ave Maria” accompanied by the piano and the string and woodwind orchestra.

The Bishop of La Paz invited the citizens to open their hearts to recognize the face of God in every human face, in the smallest child, in the humblest person, “we can find God in the faces of so many who have the face of criminals, there is God, God is here, he is with us, the night will pass and a new day will shine for us, glory to God in heaven and peace, the longed for and desired peace to all men of good will”.

With information from El Sudcaliforniano.



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