BCS will close the year paying 0.60 cents more per kg of LP gas

BCS will close the year paying 0.60 cents more per kg of LP gas

After the Christmas week, LP (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) prices will show a drop as it had not been seen in 5 months; for the New Year’s week, they will rise again by almost 0.60 cents on average in Baja California Sur, according to the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

According to the table of maximum prices in force, in La Paz the price reached 23.85 pesos per kilogram (kg), so that a 30 kg tank of gas would cost 715.50 pesos. This price increased 0.57 cents compared to the previous week.

Likewise, the federal authority involved indicated that in Los Cabos it went from 22.54 pesos per kg to 23.09 pesos, which represented an increase of 0.55 cents between the week of December 19 to 26 and December 26 to January 1. In the event that the CRE is complied with, the 30 kg tank would be around 692.70 pesos.

Meanwhile, Comondú and Loreto reached a maximum price for LP gas of 23.94 pesos per kg, just 0.60 cents more than in the previous week. The tank in both municipalities will reach a price of 718.20 pesos, approximately.

It is worth mentioning that after 5 weeks of consecutive decreases in LP gas prices, this last week of the year interrupted the decline in prices.

With information from BCS Noticias.



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