Alfalfa price doubled in BCS

alfalfa price doubled in BCS

Prices of alfafa bales are the highest ever in Baja California Sur, say cattlemen; they pay 180 for 25 kilos, but expect to reach 250 pesos, they accuse.

Forage prices are on the rise in Baja California Sur, from 100 pesos in December 2020, for this same month of 2021 the cost soared to 180 pesos, according to livestock producers, who argue that by February alfalfa could reach up to 250 pesos per 25 kilograms.

According to statements made by the president of the State Animal Health Committee, Manuel Rangel, the price increase is due to the fact that in the municipalities of Comondú, Loreto and Mulegé, the seasonal rains were not sufficient to recover the pastures where cattle are fed.

This led to a high demand for fodder; however, another theory, according to the Committee, is that farmers’ production costs have increased by 35%, due to a 200% increase in fertilizers.

While this is happening, those who resent this rise in prices are the local cattle ranchers, who accuse that they have no support or subsidy, neither state nor federal, which results in higher meat prices, affecting the pockets of Southern Californians who consume these products for food.

With information from El Sudcaliforniano.



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