Sport fishing attracts 50% of tourism in BCS; left 600 million pesos in 2019: Deputy

cabos sportfishing

The tourism that comes to spend in Baja California Sur, with great economic power, is the sector related to sport fishing, said the Deputy of the 4Q

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). Deputy Carlos José Van Wormer Ruiz mentioned that sport fishing is one of the most important activities that attracts tourism to Baja California Sur, for which he told BCS Noticias that, on average, a year at least 50% of vacationers arrive to practice sport fishing and, he added that, in 2019 there is a record that profits of 60 million pesos were obtained from permits.

“The exponential growth that it had is due to the sale of timeshare, but a large part, of what it really comes to spend, it truly has great economic power, is the sport fisherman; I’m going to tell you more or less than 50%. Do you know how much sport fishing permits were sold? In 2019 almost 60 million pesos ”, he said.

In this sense, he celebrated that the commercialization of goldfish has not been approved, since it would affect sport fishing and, therefore, tourism that comes to Baja California Sur to carry out the activity, an initiative that was also rejected by the Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis.

It is necessary to mention that, the head of the Secretariat of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Agricultural Development (Sepada) in Baja California Sur, Andrés Córdova Urrutia said that, after sport fishing was paralyzed in the strongest stage of the COVID pandemic to the date, the sector has been able to recover by 35%; He also added that this activity generates 23,000 jobs.


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