Dreams come true, young Santa Rosalia baseball player after signing contract with Mets

The young man from Santa Rosalía caught the attention of the international team during his competitions this year; now he has signed a contract to compete with them.

The young man from Santa Rosalía signed a contract with the great professional team of the United States, the New York Mets, for which he expressed in his social networks that “Dreams come true”, along with an image of himself where he can be seen as a child and his passion for baseball.

After the great news for baseball player Mariano Gómez Beltrán, he received a lot of positive comments from his friends, family and close friends, who wished him success, luck and blessings for his new professional path with the New York team.

It was announced in September that Mariano Beltran would be evaluated by the New York Mets organization, after seeing his great potential during other competitions, and three months later he managed to sign a contract.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of 2021, two other young Muleginos also signed contracts with the international team “Mets”, on that occasion they were David Osuna Luque from San Marcos Island and Kevin Villavicencio Mayoral from Santa Rosalía.

Information from BCS News



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