Tony Hawk is captured by fans on the boardwalk in La Paz

Tony Hawks is captured by fans on the boardwalk in La Paz

Tony Hawks was spotted strolling along the La Paz boardwalk, where his followers who recognized him asked him to share a photograph.

The skateboarding legend, the American Tony Hawk was seen last Monday walking on the boardwalk of La Paz; some admirers of his skill, approached him to ask for an autograph or a photograph, who granted it very smiling.

tony hawks visited la paz

The skater was seen for the first time at the La Paz International Airport, and later in the afternoon he was recognized by his La Paz fans while walking along the city’s Álvaro Obregón promenade.

It is worth mentioning that Hawk is currently 53 years old, and is considered one of the best skateboarders in the world, inventor of spectacular tricks, which left all the spectators “mouth open”.

The celebrity, who is also known by the new generations, for his role in video games, as he has a saga of games for consoles.

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