State government to offer 11 armored trucks for sale

State government to offer 11 armored trucks for sale

They were used in the Mendoza Davis administration; the Secretary General of Government, Homero Davis, stated that the sale process is about to begin.

The Government of Baja California Sur (BCS) will offer for sale 11 armored trucks left by the previous administration headed by Carlos Mendoza Davis, confirmed the Secretary General of Government, Homero Davis Castro.

The state official mentioned that he is about to initiate the procedure for these units, which he assured are not being used, only by the heads of the state Public Security Secretariat and the State Attorney General’s Office.

He added that neither Governor Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío, nor he as Secretary General of Government use these armored units.

Davis Castro confirmed that the government house built by the previous administration in Los Cabos will soon be sold.

He said that the Ministry of Finance and Administration is already working on the process, cost, expertise and all that is required, and said that the resources will be used for the paving of Tamaral Avenue in Cabo San Lucas.

On the subject of the government house “El Caimancito”, he indicated that they are evaluating what will be done and said that one proposal is to convert it into a hotel and another is to use it as a hall for cultural events.