Former Miss Universe Andrea Meza, supports ‘evening with a cause’ in Los Cabos

Former Miss Universe Andrea Meza, supports 'evening with a cause' in Los Cabos

With the aim of raising funds for the Smile Train organization Andrea Meza, former Miss Universe and the Querencia community organized an event called “All smiles are beautiful“.

During the “All Smiles Are Beautiful” benefit event, $200,000 was raised, which will be donated to the Smile Train Foundation to implement and develop local programs that will aim to provide more than 60 children in the community with the comprehensive treatment they need for cleft lip and/or palate.

Andrea Meza, former Miss Universe, was invited to the evening, the former beauty queen continues to demonstrate her commitment and passion for Smile Train. “I am aware that this effort is to deliver a smile to children with cleft lip and/or palate in Baja California Sur, so any effort is worth it.”

The objective of this event was to support the development of a local cleft lip and/or palate program in Los Cabos, so that locally trained doctors can help families in Baja California so that children receive the necessary comprehensive treatment that includes not only the first surgery, but also orthodontics, speech therapy, nutrition, among others.

With information from Los Cabos Report.



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