Even 5 hours earlier tourists leave due to the traffic

Tourists leave even 5 hours earlier due to the traffic

Spokesman for the Mexican Association of Agencies, mentioned that the drivers have had to pick up tourists even five hours in advance so that they can arrive at the airport in time.

The Mexican Association of Travel Agencies in Baja California Sur, informed that the highway beltway at the Los Cabos International Airport has not been the solution to the traffic problem due to the lack of technology to provide fluidity to vehicles in transit.

Mobility in the destination must also be part of the experiences offered to tourists who visit us. Due to the high demand that exists in Los Cabos and the traffic generated during rush hour, has begun to affect tourists visiting the destination.

“If we pick-up at our customers at their hotel five hours in advance on the last day of their three-night stay; We are taking them off half day. Times are calculated by distance and traffic, so it has to be extended..” said a local driver and bussinesman.

Among the measures that have been highlighted to provide a solution, the tourism sectors request that during a road accident, the beltway can be opened free of charge to prevent tourists from missing their flights.

With information from Tribuna de Los Cabos.



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