CFE does not allow clean energy; Los Cabos, with the highest consumption

los cabos CFE clean energy

The CFE is not allowed for businesses to generate their own energy, and the higher consumption in Los Cabos, the more pollution there is in La Paz, they warned.

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS). The operational director of the Center for Renewable Energy and Environmental Quality (CERCA) AC, Jaqueline Valenzuela affirmed that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is not allowing interested parties – mainly private initiative – to generate their own clean energy in Baja California Sur, ensuring that unfortunately, the great demand for electrical energy that reaches Los Cabos has a direct impact on the pollution of La Paz and Comondú, where the generating plants are located.

“Right now, what we have to find out is that if we as a company want to install a photovoltaic system, the capacity is closed, that is, I go with my request to the Federal Electricity Commission because I want to save on emissions and electricity, it cannot be because there is no capacity.

“The current infrastructure of the electrical system does not allow them to connect more, and this has been a struggle of the hotel and business sector because we have the highest rate in the country and there are no options. Los Cabos’ electricity consumption impacts La Paz and Comondú, because that is where electricity is generated, so the greater the demand for energy here, the more pollution we have ”.

In the same way, he shared that the census of those interested and who generate clean energy is limited, since, right now, the small installations that are had throughout the electrical system that includes La Paz, Mulege, Loreto, Comondú are 30 megawatts of capacity installed.

He also said that last year they did a study of eco-benefits to schools, hospitals and hotels, having a very good interaction in Los Cabos, as well as with the Destination Hotels Association, as they were interested in measuring which buildings are that cause more pollution.

“You can have measures to improve energy efficiency and what we find is that there is a huge area of ​​opportunity in hospitals and schools because, despite the fact that the educational facilities are small, we are talking about a huge register in the 4 municipalities.

“In addition, we find that hotels are implementing energy efficiency measures because they no longer find strategies to save on electricity consumption, since of the maximum expenses that a tourist development has, it is in the payroll and electricity,” he commented.

Finally, he pointed out that, although Los Cabos does not have chimneys for generating electricity, it is important for the population to become aware of the synergy between municipalities and also that they have other types of emissions such as high motorization, and all mobility, for example, cruise ships and airplanes that have a direct impact on the environment, and that are not being measured.

Also, at a more local level, he said that there is knowledge of the great problem generated by small fires in sanitary landfills as well as those caused to eliminate garbage and waste.


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