11 years old, debuts as a firefighter in CSL

11 years old, debuts as a firefighter in CSL

Helped finish extinguishing two wildfires on Sunday

With the situation under control and without putting his physical integrity at risk, Axel Barrera, an 11 year old boy who recently received his customized protective gear, participated in his first fire as a firefighter with the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department.

“He had to work with the boys (firefighters), obviously they are controlled situations, he is not going to get into a dangerous fire, for that he would have to go to the fire academy and get trained. Once the situation was under control, we let him loose the hose and he began to help the boys with the ashing”, said Lieutenant Jorge Barrera, head of the Fire Prevention Area in Cabo San Lucas.

Little Axel, only eleven years old and a sixth grade student, is the son of Lieutenant Jorge Barrera, who shared that his position is practically administrative, having the opportunity to take his son to the station from a very young age, a child he said has practically been seen growing up in the fire station.

Lieutenant Barrera said that most of his fellow firefighters were children who grew up in the fire station and that today they bring their children to the same station as a new generation in the war band as well as in the different children’s and youth groups. Some of them, he mentioned, already have the experience of having helped in an emergency situation.

With information from El Sudcaliforniano.



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