Lobster catch began; 60 tons are obtained in Baja California

The lobster catch began in region 3 of BCS; 60 tons of lobster are obtained in the area.

The lobster catching season began November 15th in zone 3 of the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, which covers from Magdalena Bay to Todos Santos; in the area 60 tons are obtained per harvest, out of the 1,300 that are exploited in the whole state, they informed.

Before the beginning of the lobster catch in this area, the president of the Magdalena Bay cooperative, warned about lobster fishing, since in recent months it has increased considerably in region 3; even some illegal fishermen could be carrying weapons, which makes surveillance more dangerous, he said.

The president of the cooperative commented that, before, 80% of the production was Caribbean lobster and 20% red, the latter with a price almost double the value of the former, but -as a consequence of poaching and problems faced by the cooperatives-, since a few weeks the price of red lobster fell by almost 50%.

“It went from more than 70 dollars per kilo to 39 dollars, while the Caribbean has a lower value of 28 dollars per kilo,” he mentioned, relating the decrease in prices to the need to sell to intermediary buyers, after the Chinese government withdrew the certification of a fishery in Ensenada, Baja California where the product was sent.

Finally, it was recalled that in zone 1 -which covers from Natividad Island to Puerto Nuevo- the lobster season began on September 15, closing on February 28, while in zone 2 -which covers from Bahía Asunción to San Juanico- it began on October 1.

Information taken from El Sudcaliforniano



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