Is Los Cabos Ready for rain?

Is Los Cabos Ready for rain

In view of the hurricane season that begins on May 15, Secretary General Ariel Castro Cárdenas announced that Los Cabos is prepared to face these meteorological phenomena.

He explained that different tours have been carried out in high-risk areas and in schools that serve as temporary shelters in the event of the arrival of a phenomenon.

“As a government we have already worked on the tours, especially in high-risk areas. We have verified the campuses that are opened as temporary shelters, due to the fact that the institutions were closed for some time derived from the pandemic. It was necessary to check all the details from infrastructure and access to evacuation routes”, he informed.

Likewise, Ariel Castro emphasized that together with the different municipal areas, plans and strategies are being reinforced before the arrival of the rains.

Finally, he assured that it will be in the next few weeks when the head of the Civil Protection Directorate will release all the information regarding the hurricane season, which will guarantee a better organization and safeguard the citizens.

With information from El Informante.



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