High cyclonic activity is coming to Los Cabos

High cyclonic activity is coming to Los Cabos

This year’s hurricane season begins on May 15 and ends on November 30 in the Pacific region.

Agatha and Alex are the names of the first two tropical cyclones of the season in the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean respectively, experts assure that ‘Alex’ will be the tropical storm that will open the season, which could begin before the predicted date.

It should be noted that September and October 2022 are expected to be the months when there will be more hurricanes near the Mexican coasts, so the population should be attentive to the information disseminated by civil protection, state authorities and weather reports.

In case the population considers that their home is safe and is not in a risk zone, the prevention measures are:

  • Take animals and work equipment to a safe place.
  • Store loose objects (flower pots, garbage cans, tools, etc.) that can be blown by the wind.
  • Remove television antennas and hanging objects.
  • Clean the roof, drains, gutters and sewers, and sweep the street uncovering sewers.
  • Have a list of emergency items on hand, such as a first aid kit, radio, battery-powered flashlight, extra batteries and canned food.

With information from Tribuno de Los Cabos.



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