No date to resume tourist tax in BCS; $ 490 million ceased to be raised: Finance

tourist tax in BCS mexico

The authorities and the business sector in Baja California Sur are in talks to organize the collection of the tax

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The head of the Ministry of Finance, Isidro Jordán Moyrón indicated that the date to resume the collection of the Tourist Tax in Baja California Sur has not yet been defined, after the arrival of the pandemic; likewise, he said that they have stopped collecting around 490 million pesos.

“We hope we can do it as soon as possible, we are already in talks with business organizations in Los Cabos, especially to be able to take it up again, and if we find a mechanism to make it easier to attract, it can make a difference; we do not have a date).

“490 million pesos are no longer being received, the accounting of the exploitation began to be counted from January to February, this year, but it was in March when we stopped it,” he said.

In this sense, he indicated that 2020 has been a complex year so they are waiting for the approval of the 2021 budget, in order to recover from the economic blow that Baja California Sur has suffered, which caused the Coronavirus pandemic.

“It is a complex year, a different year, a very difficult year, we are suffering from an emergency situation, due to COVID-19 […] we hope, since we are in the month of December, we are using all the mechanisms and tools that it has the State Government; we are in talks with the Congress to be able to close well ”, he emphasized.

He recalled that the Government is working on the calculation that it will spend on the payment of bonuses for its workers, which is approximately 400 million pesos: “We are estimating it, over 400,000,000 pesos,” according to reported the state official.

Finally, he said that a strategy is being studied to achieve the return of the tourist tax, a collection that helps to solve the main needs of the state, in terms of infrastructure and other items.


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