Recreational bike path returns to Cabo San Lucas

Recreational bike path returns to Cabo San Lucas

On February 13th, the recreational bike path in the downtown area of Cabo San Lucas returned to its activities after such a long wait.

Cyclist Mario Meave explained that the health authorities have authorized its reopening, taking into account the epidemiological traffic light of Baja California Sur. He also reminded that the Ciclovía operates from 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. in the downtown area of Baja California Sur.

Approximately one month was the time that the ciclovía was on pause, after the increase of Covid-19 cases at that time. Now with the official announcement of Level 2 and with the help of the Health Secretariat of the Municipality of Los Cabos, the coordinator, Mario Meave, published in his social networks that it would finally return and last Sunday he invited all the people to come out.

It is expected that, just like this weekend, people will continue to gather in the coming dates, but always respecting the health protocols so as not to have to slow down again and continue as normal as possible.

With information from Tribuna de los cabos.



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