Plogging, Clean Up While You Exercise; For International Human Rights Day

Plogging, Clean Up While You Exercise In Mexico

Through sporting events, the Government of Los Cabos promotes physical activity, health care and cleanliness of the city.

In order to reinforce physical activity and encourage health care while cleaning the streets of Los Cabos, the Municipal Coordination of Human Rights carried out the foot race “Plogging, Clean While You Exercise” in the Los Cangrejos neighborhood of Cabo San Lucas, where public servants gathered.

In relation to the subject, the municipal coordinator of Human Rights, Egdar Bertín Olachea, commented that “Plogging” is a concept that comes from Europe, and whose objective is that people go out to do physical activities and at the same time remove the waste that they find in their path.

To continue, the person in charge of the area explained that in this way the population can get involved and do their bit to keep the city clean and in optimal conditions; on the other hand, he detailed that in the race, which was carried out in coordination with personnel from Public Services and the Institute of Sports, as well as Ecology and Environment, around 150 people gathered.

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