Former NFL player Antonio Andrews will be in Los Cabos Marlins

Former NFL player Antonio Andrews will be in Los Cabos Marlins

The season of the professional American Football League in Mexico that will have 8 teams. starts next April

Los Cabos, BCS.- It will be in April 2022, when the Los Cabos Marlins football team will participate in the Mexican American Football League (FAM) season, but they confirmed that their head coach will be the experienced coach César Martínez Sánchez.

At a press conference, it was reiterated that the Los Cabos Marlins works on the consolidation of strategies to return with great motivation, as a professional football franchise.

Juan Carlos Saldívar, Operational Director of the aforementioned League, pointed out that 8 teams will participate: Sharks from Cancun, Reds from Mexico City, Bulldog from the State of Mexico, Los Pioneros from Querétaro, Tequileros from Guadalajara, Caudillos from Chihuahua, Rarámuris from Ciudad Juárez and at the end of November a new franchise will be presented.

They will even seek former players from the National Football League, known as the National Football League, which is the largest professional league in the United States, to play for Mexican teams.

They featured player Antonio Andrews, who played college football for Western Kentucky and was signed by the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, but is now part of the Los Cabos Marlins.



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