They will enable 16 cameras in the Cabo San Lucas Marina; they fear that street vendors will get out of control

los cabos will enable 16 cameras in la marina

More and more people attend to sell to the navy, without permission; they fear it will get out of control

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS). The head of the Comprehensive Port Administration (API) in Cabo San Lucas, Fernando Hoyos revealed that they have already released the budget to rehabilitate 16 video surveillance cameras in the Navy area, in addition to indicating that they have observed the increase in ambulance in the area, fearing that this situation could get out of control for the month of December, in addition to remembering that said commercial activity is prohibited in the area.

“We have an estimated replacement of 16 cameras. Also, it is good to recognize that we observe the ambulance to a greater extent, we have the estimate that in the month of December this could increase ”.

He pointed out that derived from this situation, they have already approached the people who carried out the ambulance in the Navy, with the purpose, he said, of letting them know that, according to the internal regulations of the port, this is not allowed. activity, even highlighting that some vendors have been observed without any operating license or authorization, which is why they are invited to leave the area to avoid infractions, Fernando Hoyos said.

“They have argued that their economic capacity is limited, vulnerable and that they have no other means of support, and that is not why they are justified, since they do not comply with the regulations of the port. We are very attentive to the most critical points, that is, those of greatest conflict, we are going to offer coordinated work within the framework of the protection of human rights with each of the alleged offenders that can be observed ”.

He added that, in the same way, they have reinforced their vigilance through training and have already had contact with the representatives of the company that supports them to carry out the supervision on the premises; In addition, he specified that, by 2021, they intend to implement 7 more video surveillance cameras, however, he clarified that they will be subject to the approval of said budget for 2021.

“For the time being, considering the maintenance greater than these 16 cameras that exist in the port and that require maintenance, and this will allow us investments of more than 500,000 million pesos. Also, we want to exhort fellow service providers that give rise to that, in that port of Cabo San Lucas, that we commit to the prevention of infectious-contagious risks ”.