There will be no closures or fines during December in Los Cabos

There will be no closures or fines during the month of December in Los Cabos

The municipal president of Los Cabos, Óscar Leggs Castro, informed during the flag ceremony on Monday that no small or medium sized business will be sanctioned or closed during the month of December.

“I will not accept any business closures during December when our people need to work to support their families. We will never bet on business closures or depression.”

“Whoever is missing a document will of course have to pay for it, because decisions will have to be made later this year, now we have to work, close ranks and apply this government with human sense and give results,” he said.

Finally, he announced that this week begins the vacation period for the personnel of the XIV City Hall of Los Cabos, but only for those who have been in public service for more than a year, since all areas will maintain guards to continue with the attention to the population, as well as to continue with pending matters.

With information from Primero BCS