There are 150 cameras monitoring the streets of La Paz and Los Cabos

Los Cabos Cameras monitoring the streets

In the capital of Baja California Sur they will install other 360º cameras, which will have an investment of 4.5 million pesos

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The head of the State Public Security Secretariat (SSPE), Germán Wong López mentioned that there are 150 cameras to detect criminals and that, in La Paz, 4 poles will be placed – with 4 cameras each -, whose investment will be 4.5 million of weights; He also said that in Los Cabos there are 35 devices and in the capital of Baja California Sur there are 115 of the existing ones.

“I tell you that, at the beginning of the administration of the governor, Carlos Mendoza Davis, he implemented a project where 115 cameras were installed here in La Paz and 35 cameras in Los Cabos.

“Through the private initiative in Los Cabos, we were able to add, thanks to their resources […] 35 more cameras, which were 70 cameras; Here in La Paz there has not been a similar project, however, this year with Federal resources we are going to add 4 new posts with 4 360-degree cameras each, 4 cameras in each post, likewise, we are going to add 4 360 degree cameras on existing posts; It is an investment of almost 4.5 million pesos ”, he emphasized.

Regarding the operation of the cameras, Germán Wong indicated that they are working at 95%, and that, therefore, they will also install some in Comondú, in order to facilitate the location of people who are caught committing a crime.

“They are at 90 or 95% (of their operation). Without a doubt, the project is complete, we are going to install cameras in the municipality of Comondú, we estimate to install 5 posts with 4 cameras each,” he said.

Likewise, he was questioned about the number of people who have been captured by these cameras, however, he limited himself to saying so, because according to him the information is only handled with agencies such as the Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) and the Attorney General’s Office. the Republic (FGR).

“Without a doubt it is a matter for the Attorney General’s Office and the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, when they determine a crime in a coordinated manner, they request the C4 recordings of the areas where there are cameras. It is a more detailed data, without a doubt they depend on each city, we have provided support in terms of the Prosecutor’s Office as well as the Attorney General’s Office,” he explained.

Finally, he added that with this initiative it is easier to identify citizens who commit a crime, so the authorities to carry out an exhaustive investigation must go to the Command, Control, Communication and Computing Center (C4), so that provide the videos, as it is the unit in charge of its control.