Silver Route Museum in El Triunfo celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

Silver Route Museum in El Triunfo celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

This November 15, the Silver Route Museum celebrated its third anniversary

With a folkloric dance, snacks, the presence of special guests and a detailed tour of its interior, this November 15 the Silver Route Museum celebrated its third anniversary, an event in which Andrea Gaume, director of the place, recognized all the people, institutions and organizations that collaborated to make the dream of a museum a reality today.

The Silver Route Museum is located in the historic town of El Triunfo, cradle of mining in the peninsula and a point of reference in the history of the entity, therefore its objective is to teach how the southern part of the peninsula was populated and to recognize the economic, social and political impact that mining had at that time in history.

This was shared in an interview by Juan José Cabuto Vidrio, curator of the museum, who recalled that everything began to take shape when the geographic script was achieved, then came the reception of the building and then came the joy of receiving the first visits; today visitors come to the museum from all latitudes of the world, just as more than a century ago, people ventured to participate in the mining activity of BCS.

The international press has defined the museum as “a jewel in the desert or the flower of the cactus”, but the director, Andrea Gaume, considers that the jewel and the flower are the people and the essence of the historic zone, as well as the rancherías that make it up. It is true that they are committed to the project, they have certifications that endorse the service and health protocols that remain in place since the arrival of the pandemic to the entity, all with the purpose of providing a safe experience to visitors.

To conclude, the director invited people to spend a day in the town, enjoy its flavors in the restaurant El Minero de El Triunfo and learn about its history in the Silver Route Museum or vice versa, they can follow their activities on Facebook, so they know the special promotions and activities they will have until the end of the month, the place has its doors open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm; there are still many South Californians who do not know it and they are expected in the place.

Information taken from Tribuna de los cabos