San Jose Organic Market kicks off its 21st season

San Jose Organic Market kicks off its 21st season

All families in Cabeza are invited

In a complete family atmosphere and complying with all health protocols, last November 6th, the Organic Market of San José started its season No. 21 having as its headquarters for the second year the club “La Huerta”, announced Axel Gutiérrez Hermoso, manager of the Organic Market.

He stressed that the Organic Market is a space for the whole family, since there are all kinds of activities and said:

“We have art, music, prepared food, photography, chess tournaments, activities for children, so it is truly a space where the whole family can have a good time, satisfy their physical, spiritual, emotional, creative, artistic needs and connect with the people of the Los Cabos community, which is a multicultural community,” he said.

He explained that although the San Jose Organic Market is looking to expand, for this season it will be open to the public until the last Saturday of May, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., so he invited them to be part of the family.

Finally Adriana Aragón Estrada owner and manager of the club “La Huerta” expressed that “La Huerta” club since its creation 18 years ago is a space designed for the Josefinos that over the years has embraced the tourists, however, they maintain their origins, which is why they join with the Organic Market.