Reinforced operations during the Buen Fin in Los Cabos without neglecting other neighborhoods

Reinforced operations during the Buen Fin in Los Cabos

The population is advised not to go out with large sums of cash on the street, said the head of Public Safety, Russel Rodas.

Los Cabos, BCS – From November 10 to 16, the Buen Fin will be held, for which the Los Cabos Public Safety Department has implemented an extensive operation.

Security was reinforced at various points in the municipality, such as banks, shopping malls and ATMs, as announced by the head of the agency, Russel Rodas Moreno.

He pointed out that despite the extra security, citizens are asked to be careful and avoid going out on the streets with a lot of cash, so as not to be victims of crime.

He explained that all operations are carried out jointly with the three levels of government to guarantee the safety of all citizens.

Finally, he expressed that the actions are carried out without neglecting the security of the neighborhoods.


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