Registration of new political parties will begin in January

New political parties in January in Baja California Sur

The creation of new parties in BCS will begin, as established by law, in January of the year following the gubernatorial elections.

Next year will begin the process for the constitution and registration of new political parties in Baja California Sur, those interested should approach the State Electoral Institute (IEE) where they will receive information about the required documentation.

“The citizens organization that intends to become a local political party in order to obtain its registration must report such purpose in the month of January of the following year,” declared the provisional president, Chikara Yanome Toda.

The foregoing, in accordance with Article 11 of the General Law of Political Parties, which opens the possibility of new party registrations in the year following the gubernatorial election, in this case, January 2022.

For the foregoing, they are required to prove that they have a minimum percentage of affiliates, which must not be less than 0.26% of the electoral roll used in the last ordinary local election.

Likewise, it must hold municipal or district assemblies, present its declaration of principles, action program, and bylaws that will regulate its activities, among others.

With information from BCS Noticias