Pedestrian bridge removed in cabo san lucas

Pedestrian bridge removed in cabo san lucas

Sunday, November 28th, Cabo San Lucas Public Works removed part of the pedestrian bridge located in front of a well-known shopping center on the Transpeninsular Highway, emphasizing the head of Public Works of Los Cabos, Ramón Adrián Marín, that there is a possibility that the bridge will be back in operation in February, everything depends on whether the beam that was there will be reused again.

In this regard, the mayor of Los Cabos, Óscar Leggs Castro, explained that the lateral stairs will be removed to build inclusive ramps.

“The structure will be evaluated in its current state. It will be the same bridge, only that it will be revised and the structure will be raised a little more, since it should be at 5 and a half meters. For the time being, we are going to put a mesh and speed reducers, so that people do not cross the bridge and avoid causing an accident,” the mayor mentioned.

The municipal official said that the bridge did not comply with the required measurements and that the heavy vehicles that passed under the bridge, did so very close to the girder, due to the various resurfacing works that the road has undergone.

Transit and Road agents are controlling the vehicular circulation in this area, in addition to having placed trafitambos so that the units pass with caution, however, there is no lack of urban or collective truck drivers who knock them down.

With information from El informante BCS