Pedestrian bridge located in front of a shopping mall in CSL to be demolished

Pedestrian bridge located in front of a shopping mall in CSL to be demolished

The bridge does not give the height that a bridge should have in a universal measurement.

Los Cabos, BCS.-Public servants of the XIV Administration conducted a tour to verify the progress of the demolition and removal of the bridge located on the Transpeninsular Highway -at the height of the Chedraui shopping center-, in the Delegation of Cabo San Lucas, in order to ensure the integrity of the community that uses this crosswalk every day.

The General Director of Public Works and Human Settlements, Ramón Adrián Marín Cota, informed that the decision was made to demolish the bridge because it represented a danger to the public.

“We are doing this work at night, the beams are going to be removed with a crane and the next step is to remove the structure. We are working with personnel from the General Directorate of Public Safety, Preventive Police and Municipal Transit, so that pedestrians can walk and cross the boulevard safely. For the protection of the citizens, reducers and speed bumps will be installed with the appropriate precaution and under the guidelines”, he explained.

To conclude, the interim delegate of Cabo San Lucas, Carlos Nájera Navarrete, explained that they will continue to attend to citizen requests, with the objective of safeguarding it, and with the same purpose, constant visits will be made to the demolition work. Finally, a call was made to the population to respect the signs and the authorities, so that the work can be completed without any setback.

Information taken from Cabo Mil