Paramedics In BCS will answer 911 calls

mexico emergency number 911

The paramedics will be in charge of coordinating emergency services, as well as providing telephone support to citizens who require it in Baja California Sur

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). A group of paramedics from the Medical Emergency Regulatory Center (CRUM) will participate in answering calls within the 911 emergency number in Baja California Sur, reported the director of the Control, Command, Communication and Computer Center (C4), Karla Marylú Rodríguez Santillán.

“This will allow the telephone operator to redirect these reports to certified paramedical personnel when receiving a call of this nature, who will answer pre-hospital calls,” he explained.

The new personnel will be in charge of coordinating with the Mexican Red Cross, State and Municipal Civil Protection and voluntary groups, to determine the type of emergency, classify it and refer it to the specialized corporation, said Rodríguez Santillán.

The foregoing is derived from the collaboration agreement that exists between the State Public Security Secretariat (SSPE) and the Health Secretariat, which will regulate the control and coordination measures for pre-hospital services.

“It seeks to reduce the time of attention in the calls received in these centers, mainly those related to pre-hospital services; This specialized unit will be able to provide telephone support to the citizen until the arrival of the emergency forces ”, he pointed out.

Finally, Rodríguez Santillán recalled that said action was drawn up at the beginning of the current administration to strengthen the operation of the center and provide an efficient and professional emergency service.