On average 80% of tourists who see Los Cabos, go at least 2 times to restaurants

On average 80% of tourists who see Los Cabos, go at least 2 times to restaurants

Surveys revealed that 80% of visitors left at least 2 times during their stay in Los Cabos; there’s an accelerated recovery, they mean

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS). The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Los Cabos Hotels Association(AHLC),  Mauricio  Salicrup  revealed that, in the surveys that apply to visitors on the way out of their stay, 80% said that at least 2 times they went out to the local restaurants, which, he said, certainly generates a greater economic spill in the community.

“Today, there is a very interesting fact in the exit polls of the destination, which was not mentioned, but I find it important to share it for our friends of the Canirac,80% of the interviewees mentioned that they left at least 2 times of their stay –3 days – to eat outside their hotel, which means that the economic spill is coming for everyone,” he said.  

Similarly, it said that this data reflected that the capacity they have in hotel restaurants is reaching full capacity or, where appropriate, guests do not reserve at the time that they prefer to take their food, ensuring that, within all the negative effects generated by the pandemic, the good thing is that the tourist with power is arriving with more active economic power and greater resources and that , above all, they are not locking the hotel.

“We must be very careful and manage not to move from the guests we are allowed according to the maximum capacity, since we are not going to complain that we are noting that the capacity is insufficient, because we know that the State Commission for the Protection of Health Risks(Coepris)will  not change it with our complaints, because a change can be made on the day that the community learns to avoid contagion,” he added.

Finally, he stated that if things continue to be done well at the destination, in coordination with authority, private initiative and society, they will be very close to closing with the numbers of at least 2017 in occupation and visitors.

Los Cabos is having a very rapid recovery compared to the destinations of the rest of the country, said Mauricio Salicrup.  

“Of course this is going to be a very accelerated recovery considering what is happening in the rest of the country, and in the economic recovery; we are responsible for bringing tourism and economic recovery will depend on it being a quality tourism, that it comes not only to be inside the hotels,” he concluded.


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