Mole Festival will benefit grandparents of Casa de Día in San Jose

Mole Festival will benefit grandparents

On December 11th the Mole Festival will take place at the Pamillita de Las Mamoyas ranch in San Jose del Cabo at 2:00 pm, so they invited the community to participate in this event with a cause, the proceeds will benefit the grandparents of Casa de Dia, for more information please visit

Ariosto Antonio Camacho, organizer of the Mole Route, said that the proceeds from this event with a cause, in which 12 chefs will participate, will be delivered to the Integral Family Development System (DIF) of Los Cabos, since they are the ones who operate this site that serves more than 50 seniors.

“I thank all the chefs who joined this cause, and you are all invited on December 11 at 2:00 p.m. to the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Barra Azul and Washinangos restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, as well as at the Tourism and Public Relations Office of the Los Cabos City Hall” – organizer said.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Los Cabos said in his participation that this type of gastronomic festival exalts the traditions and roots of a community, which are important to rescue and preserve.

“Beyond what you can get out of this event, it is important to rescue the gastronomy, beyond the benefit that can be had, is to preserve our traditions and show what is in Los Cabos, in addition to different Chefs who will be there and who will also take credit for who is the best.”

With information from Tribuna De Los Cabos