Los Cabos is on trend in the U.S.; top 3 for spending Christmas holidays

Los Cabos is on trend in the U.S top 3 for Christmas holidays

This year Los Cabos overtook Puerto Rico on the list of the most booked destinations for the holiday season, ahead of Punta Cana and the Bahamas.

Los Cabos is on trend, it is one of the favorite destinations for Americans to spend the holiday season, since, according to the marketing firm Allianz Partners USA, the beach resort has overtaken Puerto Rico in the top 10 list, to occupy the second place in reservations.

Allianz compiled its list of top vacation destinations after an analysis of nearly 4 million itineraries for round-trip flights departing the U.S. beginning Dec. 18 and returning by Dec. 30.

The results of the study were that 87% of the trips were domestic, and 13% international; the main destinations outside the country are: Cancun, San Jose del Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Jamaica, Arubia, London, Bahamas, Punta Cana, Turks and Caicos and Paris.

Domestically, New York was the top destination, followed by Seattle, Orlando, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Dallas-Fort Worth. Overall, Allianz said, vacation travel will increase 34% compared to last year.

It is worth mentioning that the manager of Los Cabos International Airport, Francisco Villaseñor, reported in recent days that the airport will close the year with 5.6 million passengers, reaching the number of passengers that was achieved in 2019.

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