Letty Coppel Foundation offers free care

Letty Coppel Foundation offers free care

The doors are open to the community in need of a service.

General population can go and request any of the benefits available at Letty Coppel Foundation’s Social Assistance Center, which is opening its doors after the appearance of the pandemic and once the level has been lowered to low and we are in the green traffic light of the Health Alert System in Baja California Sur.

Sofia Estrada, director of the Letty Coppel Foundation, mentioned that this foundation was closed with the purpose of bringing benefits to the underprivileged and in general to anyone who comes to request medical services, therapies or to join any of the programs offered by this social group.

She explained that the indication of the president of the Foundation, Mrs. Letty Coppel, has always been to provide equal attention, without distinction, because that is what the Social Assistance Center was created for, that is the goal and purpose.

When asked about the fact that the Issste clinic does not have enough personnel and medicines to provide the population in the municipality of Los Cabos with adequate health care, some people go to the clinic to receive medical attention, she commented that indeed everything is attended to.

She also informed that a few days ago some people went there on behalf of the municipality of Los Cabos, “and we offered the service to everyone including them, they cannot be denied, everyone has access to receive care for the recovery of their health.

She stated that the service is free of charge, there is no charge to anyone, the previous study is made and the person is programmed, it is a quick procedure, because we know that people deserve respect and therefore their time is valuable and the health care of the people cannot wait to receive medical attention.

With information from El Sudcaliforniano