Kiss will offer a concert in Los Cabos as part of their farewell tour of the stages

Kiss will offer a concert in Los Cabos

The legendary American rock band “KISS” confirmed through social networks a few hours ago that, at the end of next year, they will be visiting the bay of Cabo San Lucas.

As part of its annual tour from its 11th edition “Kiss Kruise” cruise, the vessel will set sail from Los Angeles, California to Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, from November 29 to 3, 2022.

The official announcement came while the interpreters of “i was made for love you” were giving a concert on board their cruise ship that sailed on October 29.

This series of concerts that the rock band is offering are part of their farewell tour “The End of the Road World Tour” that began in January 2019 and will culminate in 2023.

The rockers intend to perform 174 concerts as part of their farewell tour, 111 in North America, 45 in Europe, 8 in Latin America, 7 in Oceania and 5 in Asia, and Los Cabos will be one of the lucky destinations that will be part of this historic farewell.



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