Jessica Alba is caught on the beaches of Los Cabos

Jessica Alba is caught on the beaches of Los Cabos

The American actress was spotted in total relaxation, while having fun on a beach in Cabo San Lucas; she went for a swim in a sports outfit.

The invisible woman of the Fantastic 4, Jessica Alba is in Cabo San Lucas with her husband and children to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner; the Hollywood actress was captured enjoying the beach in Cabo San Lucas, wearing a neon pink sports outfit.

Invisible woman at los cabos san lucas mexico

Surely, it is a break from her hectic life in Los Angeles, so she chose again the tranquility of the sea of cuts to take a luxurious vacation, as in the photographs shared by U.S. media, she is seen in relaxed mode.

Later, the businesswoman left the pink behind, to stroll in the pool of her hotel with a tiny orange bikini that showed off her toned figure, along with the 3 children she had with her husband Cash Warren, over 13 years of marriage: Honor, 13 years, Haven, 10 years and Hayes, 3 years.

Jessica Alba visits the tourist destination frequently, as she was spotted in the month of August, wearing the same orange bikini in what appeared to be a getaway with her partner, doing fun activities such as snorkeling.

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