In May there will be a vaccine for BCS against the coronavirus; the cold chain is ready: Health

En mayo habra vacuna para BCS

The Ministry of Health claims to be the first entity to be prepared with the cooling chain that this vaccine will require

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The Secretary of Health of Baja California Sur, Víctor George Flores, announced that during a meeting with federal official Hugo López-Gatell, it was reported that the coronavirus vaccine will be available between March and May to begin to be applied to the population. .

“He told us in principle that in May he corrected and said that it is very likely for March. I want to stay with the May date, I do not want to make happy accounts. From now to May there are many months to go, we don’t have to relax, we have to take care of ourselves, because remember that they say that the soup falls from the plate to the mouth ”.

The vaccine that would be applied in the entity would be the one produced by Astrazeneca, as mentioned by George Flores – which has an effectiveness of 70%, well below those produced by other pharmaceutical companies that are between 90 and 95% -.

“Once the vaccine arrives, the situation will change. In his words it was for May, then he rectified for March, I want to stay, personally for May. Nothing else said come; In addition, distribution logistics and all that it implies is missing. Right now the influenza vaccine is coming to us little by little ”, he mentioned.

Logistics, the great challenge; BCS is said to be prepared with the cold chain

George Flores assured that so that there are no “pretexts” they began to work on a cold network chain which is almost ready, in order to be one of the first entities to obtain the drug, which needs temperatures of about 70 degrees below zero; in fact, he mentioned, Federal Health has already given them the go-ahead and permission to operate it.

“We are preparing for the vaccines, with the cold rooms, right now we have the cameras that we have invested, so that they don’t grab our arms at the door and say: ‘Hey, your condition, your cold rooms, your system cold network is not working! ‘and there is a pretext so that we are not among the first to receive vaccines ”, he concluded.