Miss Universe 2012 is vacationing in Cabo San Lucas

Miss Universe 2012 is vacationing in Cabo San Lucas

The 2012 Miss Universe winner has shared her journey to Los Cabos, a tourist destination she called “home”.

Miss Universe 2012 winner Olivia Culpo decided to make Cabo San Lucas “her home” for a few days, a vacation she enjoys with her sister and partner, sharing her experiences through social networks.

“Home for the next few days,” the Reprisal actress shared, posting a couple of photos taken from her luxury room, with the Los Cabos sunset in the background.

However, the American model’s journey would attract international attention, after last Thursday -before boarding the flight that would bring her to the coast of Southern California-, she was called by airline employees, who asked her to put on “more clothes”, a situation that her sister, Aurora, spread on Instagram.

They are also accompanied on vacation by Olivia’s boyfriend, Christian McCaffrey, who plays for the California Panthers, and who provided her with a sweatshirt so she could travel.

Finally, the U.S. model is expected to spend a couple of days in the destination, and she continues to share Instagram stories, revealing part of her rest routine in Southern California.

With information from Vive USA.