Government inspectors stop app drivers for not having concessions

Government inspectors stop app drivers for not having concessions

State transportation inspectors have joined the arrest of Uber vehicles in Los Cabos; one driver has already had his car taken away, they accuse.

At her time, the then mayor, Armida Castro Guzmán, explained that it was a question of legality, since -as long as they did not appear to be regulated by the corresponding regulations- they had to enforce the Municipal Transit regulations.

The “hunt”, as citizens and Uber partners have called it, escalated to the point that some tourists were removed from the units, who were obliged to use cabs and transport companies of the consolidated groups.

“This department under my charge has had knowledge through its own monitoring that unauthorized transporters or from other jurisdictions, invade that of the Municipality of Los Cabos […] to provide transportation services in its different modalities […] a circumstance that generates unfair competition as they are not regulated,” began the document signed by the director of the Transportation and Mobility unit, Martin Guadalupe Salinas Ceseña.

One of the cases evidenced originated in Cabo San Lucas, this Tuesday, December 7, on a well-known boulevard in the area, where the citizen was intercepted by State Transportation inspectors, whose credential was issued on November 25 and expires on December 31 of this year.

For his part, the recently appointed mayor of Los Cabos, Óscar Leggs Castro, explained that he would not allow the service of the platforms if they were not contemplated in the Law; if it is reformed and they allow it, go ahead, he said.

With information from BCS Noticias