Government continues providing free mastography to cabeñas

Government continues providing free mastography to cabeñas

This is done by the visit of the mobile health unit to rural and urban-marginalized localities.

The optimized use of human and material resources allows strengthening the approach of services for the timely diagnosis of severe diseases such as cancer to the most vulnerable population, as reflected in the transfer of the mobile mastograph that the Ministry of Health carries out to rural and marginalized urban communities of Los Cabos.

The mobile mastograph that on Friday, December 10 provided service at the Lomas del Sol Health Center in Cabo San Lucas, where it will continue on Monday, gives women the opportunity to avoid having to travel to the state capital to undergo this radiographic study that allows the identification of precancerous lesions when they are not yet perceptible to the eye or to the touch.

When the mastography shows an abnormal result, complementary studies are carried out to define a diagnosis and in case a cancerous incidence is confirmed, therapeutic procedures are started as soon as possible at the State Oncology Center, thus improving the patient’s prognosis,” said Zazil Flores Aldape, head of the State Oncology Center, pointed Zazil Flores Aldape, the head of the department in the state.

This vehicle, which has conventional mastography equipment, will continue its journey at the health center of El Caribe, in the same municipal delegation, so that the largest possible number of cabeñas who lack social security can undergo this free test, which lasts approximately 15 minutes and can generate a tolerable discomfort due to chest compression, but is crucial to save lives through early detection, she added.

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