For the first time, public ice rinks will be placed in Los Cabos

Public ice rinks will be placed in Los Cabos

The DIF System of Los Cabos is going “all out” with the festivities and celebrations that are scheduled for the month of December. From December 15 until January 15 from 8 am to 9 pm, the residents of the municipality will be able to enjoy two ice rinks.

DIF Director Samuel Cisneros Peruyero informed that for the first time in a public way, the Municipal Government will be placing two ice rinks, one in San José del Cabo at the Sports Institute facilities and the other in Cabo San Lucas, in the parking lot of the Cultural Pavilion, with a minimum recovery cost.

“We started this great party with the lighting of the trees in each of the delegations, the joke of this is to be close to the people, to enjoy these holidays with the protocols. we are doing things never seen before so that people can have a different Christmas,” he said.

Regarding the economic expense involved in the installation of these tracks, the director pointed out that they are rental tracks that are handled by freezer and were brought from another state, pointing out that they spent the same budget as other administrations that have not done so much.

“The budget is about 400,000 pesos for each delegation of Los Cabos, which already includes the costs of the ice rinks in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. The idea is not to make absurd expenses, but to bring activities that people can enjoy at a low cost and that do not affect the public treasury,” he concluded.

With information from Primero BCS