For low-income families in CSL: Armadas Foundation begins food collection

Armed Foundation begins food collection

The “Armadas del Desierto” foundation started the “Winter Donation” community campaign to collect food and deliver it in December to low-income people living in Cabo San Lucas.

With the aim of helping society and contributing to low-income families located, above all, in irregular settlements, the Foundation created by young women will be collecting clothing and footwear, toys, personal hygiene items and a pantry throughout the month of November.

In Los Cabos, social inequality is more than evident, there are families that do not have homes that protect them from cold climates, or who live almost in the open; there are those who cannot afford their financial expenses and go without food.

In the same way, many infants who look forward to Christmas to receive a gift but whose circumstances do not allow them to receive one, so they also seek to bring a grain of happiness with a toy for the smallest of households.

Year after year, the Cabeños show their solidarity and support noble causes like this one. If you wish to donate, you can do so at the Mar de Cortés hotel “Souvenirs and pet supplies” from 3 to 7 hours, or send a message to the “Fundación Armadas” page and deliver the donations to mid-points in San José del cabo and Cabo San Lucas.