Estrella will be the name of the water well discovered in Cabo San Lucas

Estrella will be the name of the water well discovered in CSL

Almost a week after the municipal president of Los Cabos, Óscar Leggs Castro revealed that a water well was found in Cabo San Lucas, this Thursday from early hours they met at the site to announce that the well they called “Estrella” (Star) supplies 120 liters per second (LPS).

“The paradigm that there was no water in Los Cabos is being broken. We are now doing the tests, since we have to do the necessary works to have energy at the foot of this well. Water will be available for the families,” assured Ismael Rodriguez.

Ismael Rodríguez Piña, director of the Los Cabos Municipal Water System (Oomsapaslc), said that they are testing the small heron, but it is already a fact that there will be 120 more LPS to the network.

The water supplied by the “Estrella” well will be used to load the pipes that were being supplied by well 4, which was closed so that the water could be injected exclusively into the drinking water network and so that families living in some neighborhoods could receive a more constant supply of water.

With information from Primero BCS